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Sailing holidays on the Mediterranean sea


Skippered sailing holidays in the Balearic Islands. Discovering the wonders of the Mediterranean.
Sail through the Balearic Archipelago to Ibiza, Formentera, Maiorca and Minorca. Surrounded by the amazing sea, relax, and enjoy the night life.
With wonderful and wild landscapes, and an even more magical experience travelling to beautiful places on the sea. Travelling by sea is not just a holiday, but an unforgettable experience!

  • After the magic instant in which my eyes opened in the sea, I was no longer able to see, think, liveas before.

    Jacques Cousteau
  • I am convinced that the real reason you choose to go sailing is finding another way of life, in which all of our reactions are different, and more intense.

    Piero Ottone Small Philosophy of a great love: sailing


Every year we publish our sailing routes and update them according to the area we are travelling to offer the opportunity to spend a pleasant sailing holiday on board with us. The boarding methods can be as a group or as an individual boarding, booking the entire boat or reserving a seat in a cabin.

If you are a group up to 6 people you can book the whole boat. There are 6 beds for guests divided into 2 double cabins with a private bathroom, 2 seats in the living room with a shared bathroom. You can choose to book the entire boat even if your group is less in number, or if you are a couple and you want to enjoy the spaces on board exclusively.

Instead, if you are a single person or a couple and you want to share the trip with other guests you can book a seat in a cabin, choosing one of the holidays available as individual boarding.

Sharing a sailing holiday is an opportunity for those who love travelling alone and meeting interesting new people.

Everything is ready to set sail, find your holiday and get on board!



On board the Dogaressa II you will find a unique welcoming. We are happy to share the exciting life on board with those who love sailing and those who want to try this experience for the first time. Our dream is to live and travel by sailboat, get to know new places and new people, welcoming them on board in a jovial and friendly atmosphere.

la barca


A historical boat for sailors, the Comet 12 is 12 meters, with 8 seats, three double cabins, three bathrooms, a large kitchen and comfortable living room. It combines the characteristics of a sporty and navy boat with a floating comfortable home.

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lo skipper


I have been sailing since I was child, thanks to my father. Exactly with a Comet 8.50, a boat from the same brand as the one with which now, about 20 years later, I turn this passion into a way of life.

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5,0  ★★★★★   26 Reviews
5 ★★★★★   

A wonderful experience !!!! Alessandro & Dousha are very welcoming and caring with their guests. They know beautiful coves and diners aboard are delicious. More than recommanded.

5 ★★★★★   

That was the best holiday ever. Nice views, delicious food, amusing and very professional couple... I think we will be together again as soon as possible 🙂

5 ★★★★★   

It's a wonderful experience to be on the sea with this great couple. I'm looking forward to being there again. Loves.

Join the crew of Sailing Mediterraneo


Every route we sail, every port we land and every group that gets on board of Dogaressa has its own history. We like the idea to collect and publish, impressions, notes, recipes, photos and memories from the places we visit to share the story that fascinates us most of all, our story.

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Traveling on a sailing boat can be one of the most environmentally friendly ways to get around, visit new places and enjoy summer holidays in harmony with nature. On board a sailboat we have the [...]

Yoga on board

Yoga and meditation on board, a test of balance but a sea of ​​inspiration. Is it possible to practice yoga on a sailboat? It seems so. Even if the bridge of a boat is not really the most stable [...]

A green quarter

Il “giardinetto” a bordo di Dogaressa, l’abbiamo preso in parola! Il giardinetto nella nautica è quella parte della barca compresa tra il traverso e la poppa. Questo curioso [...]

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