A passion as deep as the sea


My name is Alessandro, class ’85, and I always had a passion for the sea.

I started sailing when I was a child, thanks to my father, with a Comet 8.50, a sailing boat of the same shipyard of the Comet 12, with which almost 20 years later I turned this passion into a lifestyle.

Part of my character is definitely influenced by going out to sea since I was a child. The shared living experience on board, the collaboration with the rest of the crew, the sharing and the necessary calm to make navigation operations, sometimes in difficult conditions, contributed to create the excellent temperament that I have today.

Alessandro Tomei - skippe


Tugcen is the super sailor you will find on board Dogaressa.

Lover of sailing, of the sea and of hosting, Tugcen is a valid support in navigation operations and excellent company on board to help you organize your free time, an aperitif or an excellent dinner.

Tucgen – marinaio

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