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I started sailing at the age of 13, participated in numerous regattas and worked on boats of various types and sizes. In 2016 I became the owner for the first time of a Jeanneau Folie Douce, “Nuvola“, together we sailed a lot and I learned what it means to be the captain.

Time passed on the boat was never enough, I wasn’t satisfied with spending holidays or days off: I always wanted more! And so, slowly, the idea of ​​making it a job and a lifestyle took shape.



Photographer and adventurer, I have deeply explored many different territories and cultures. Over the course of my life, I have had the opportunity to expand my skills in many and disparate working territories, such as art, photography, tourism, advertising and catering.

I got to know the world of sea and sailing through Edoardo and I felt the vastness and complexity of emotions that come into play, such as peace, freedom, but also hard work, cooperation and mutual respect.


We want to rediscover the simplicity and purity of the elements, the wind that fills the sails, the sound of the sea on the hull, the sun and the moon that mark the time…


A Gib Sea 442 builds a sloop and is designed jointly by Michel Joubert and Bernard Nivelt, the great sailors who have given life to boats that respected the oceans in which they had sailed: units designed to sail for a long time and capable of facing the most difficult conditions.

Internally if divided into four cabins, two doubles aft and two with bunk beds in the bow. There are three bathrooms, two with a toilet and one with a comfortable walk-in shower. Solar panels and self-sufficient wind turbine for electricity. It has 600 liters of water and a purification and sterilization system (we don’t have to buy plastic bottles). The kitchen has everything you need, two burners, an oven and two fridges. The dinette is comfortable and on the table if 10 people can eat comfortably. The real teak interiors have the warmth and sensations of a cozy and homely environment.



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