You are what you love and how you live.

We’re a couple in love with sailing and travelling. Do you like travelling? That was the first question we asked each other, even on the first day we met. That was the question that tied us together. Then Alessandro’s famous question came. Do you like sailing? Both answers: yes, one hundred percent.

We’re digital nomads who live on the boat for 12 months, working from long distance and making charters in the summer. As you can guess working from far away, we need to have some meetings on Skype. When your boss sees you in the camera with the world map in the background, from the living room of our floating house, it sounds weird, but that’s what we think it should be. We have chosen to follow our dreams.

This blog is an opportunity for us to share our adventures and experiences, and maybe others are going to be inspired to follow their dreams too!


As a couple who live on board for 12 months of the year, on this blog we share our experiences and tips that may be useful to you for your travels or just for a holiday on board a sailing boat. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Tips for green holidays

Traveling on a sailing boat can be one of the most environmentally friendly ways to get around, visit new places and enjoy summer holidays in harmony with nature. On board a sailboat we have the advantage of moving with the wind, without using fuel or other sources of energy. This is already a [...]

Yoga on board

Yoga and meditation on board, a test of balance but a sea of ​​inspiration. Is it possible to practice yoga on a sailboat? It seems so. Even if the bridge of a boat is not really the most stable place you can find to practice yoga, the inspiration given by this magical and relaxing environment [...]


Publishing our travel notes is an opportunity for us to share our adventures and our experiences with you. We hope these little stories of life can be an inspiration for new travels and new travellers.

Sailing from Tuscany to the Cote Azur

We started our sailing travel at Piombino, Italy on 8th October. Our first goal was to arrive in Nice, France by 24 hours non-stop sail. The weather conditions were perfect for sailing. We continued on our way to Nice by crossing the island of Capraia. Unfortunately it was a dark moon period [...]

Planning the route

Until today we have sailed between Italy and France, making base in the Tuscan Archipelago. We started to sail between the Island of Elba, Argentario and Giglio up to Corsica or Sardinia. Many years spent sailing in this beautiful area of the Mediterranean we began to feel the need to explore [...]

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