Sailing from Nice to Saint Tropez

The city of Nice Nice was the most lively city on our trip route along the coast of Italy to Spain. From the turquoise waters of the Nice to the colorful fishing boats along the harbour, from the long beaches to the delicious bakeries, you can find below what we have done during our stay […]

Sailing from Tuscany to the Cote Azur

We started our sailing travel at Piombino, Italy on 8th October. Our first goal was to arrive in Nice, France by 24 hours non-stop sail. The weather conditions were perfect for sailing. We continued on our way to Nice by crossing the island of Capraia. Unfortunately it was a dark moon period [...]

Planning the route

Until today we have sailed between Italy and France, making base in the Tuscan Archipelago. We started to sail between the Island of Elba, Argentario and Giglio up to Corsica or Sardinia. Many years spent sailing in this beautiful area of the Mediterranean we began to feel the need to explore [...]

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