Tips for green holidays

Traveling on a sailing boat can be one of the most environmentally friendly ways to get around, visit new places and enjoy summer holidays in harmony with nature. On board a sailboat we have the advantage of moving with the wind, without using fuel or other sources of energy. This is already a [...]

Yoga on board

Yoga and meditation on board, a test of balance but a sea of ​​inspiration. Is it possible to practice yoga on a sailboat? It seems so. Even if the bridge of a boat is not really the most stable place you can find to practice yoga, the inspiration given by this magical and relaxing environment [...]

A green quarter

Il “giardinetto” a bordo di Dogaressa, l’abbiamo preso in parola! Il giardinetto nella nautica è quella parte della barca compresa tra il traverso e la poppa. Questo curioso nome proviene proprio dalla zona in cui, sui galeoni, veniva tenuto un piccolo orto pensile. [...]

The galley?!

Some tip to get out of the supermarket with a sailor’s shopping. A well-made galley makes the holiday more enjoyable. On board a sailboat, where the art of trickery often manifests itself, we can let us not miss anything, with some carefull for the spaces. When you leave for a weekend, [...]

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