A collection of the best anchorages in the Balearics between Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca

The 10 best places to anchor in the Balearic Islands bearing in mind the spectacular nature of the place but also the ease of anchoring and weather conditions.

  1. Cala Saona, Formentera
  2. Ses Illetes, Formentera
  3. Cala d’Hort, Ibiza
  4. Cala San Miquel, Ibiza
  5. Portinatx, Ibiza
  6. Es Trenc, Majorca
  7. Sa Calobra, Majorca
  8. Port Pollensa, Majorca
  9. Cala Son Saura, Menorca
  10. Cala Algayerens, Menorca


1. CALA SAONA, FORMENTERA 38°41.684’N 1°23.239’E

Starting from the South we find Cala Saona, on the island by Formentera. A large bay with excellent seabed and plenty of space to anchor in the turquoise water at shallow depths. It offers excellent protection for NE to SW winds with excellent anchor holding on fine sand.

On the small beach, a bar-restaurant with a Caribbean atmosphere where you can eat excellent local fish and shellfish. With a short canoe or SUP ride you can visit Cova Rosa and explore the most beautiful caves of Formentera.


2. SES ILLETES, FORMENTERA 38°45.670’N 1°26.026’E

A little further north we always find the beach of Ses Illetes, the postcard of Formentera. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it is a tongue of white sand over 450 meters long bordered on both sides by 2 miles of sandy shallow waters that create infinite shades of blue.

This anchorage offers the possibility of shelter on both the east and west sides, depending on the weather conditions. An excellent protection for the waves. Not due to the wind given the very low conformation of the beach.

At the southern end of the beach is the village of La Savina, a small town and the only port on the island of Formentera. Here it is possible to stock up on supplies at the supermarket, go ashore for an aperitif or dinner out and rent a moped to explore the island from within.


3. CALA D’HORT, IBIZA 38°53.358’N1°13.394’E

At the South Western end of the island of Ibiza we find Cala d’Hort. A unique anchorage with the mystical Es Vedrà silhouetted on the horizon, setting the scene for the most beautiful sunset in Ibiza.

The cove offers excellent protection from N to SE, anchored in the turquoise water on sandy bottoms at medium-shallow depths.

It is possible to go ashore and climb the high cliff that surrounds the cove to enjoy a breathtaking view of the islet of Es Vedrà. This spot is very popular for sitting and watching the sunset while sipping a cervesa.


4. PORT DE SAN MIQUEL, IBIZA 39°4.985’N 1°26.327’E

Halfway along the west coast of the island of Ibiza is Port de San Miquel. This is a very protected anchorage from all directions except the NW. We anchor close to the Illa des Bosc islet on a sandy bottom with medium depths.

The gulf has a main beach, where you can find bars, restaurants and some mini-markets, and a secondary beach with a chiringuito which is truly a piece of paradise. In a simple, spartan but tasteful atmosphere, excellent cocktails are prepared as well as excellent fresh grilled fish skewers and other delicacies at moderate prices.

5. PORTINATX, IBIZA  39°6.605’N 1°30.954’E

We move to the North West side of Ibiza to find Portinatx, one of our absolute favorite coves. A narrow fjord hides 3 small beaches inside where the water has truly spectacular reflections from blue to turquoise.

The seabed of a large part of the cove is covered in Posidonia, so it is advisable to avoid dropping anchor in order not to damage the ecosystem. To ensure a good grip on the sand the SE corner of the main gulf, facing the beach, is the best anchoring option. The gulf is very well protected from NE to W. On land there is a small tourist center with a few bars and restaurants and a pharmacy.


6. ES TRENC, MAJORCA 39°20.275’N 2°59.073’E

We change islands to land south of Maiorca, on the Caribbean Playa des Trenc. A long expanse of white sand with shallow and regular bottoms and plenty of space to anchor in wonderfully colored water.

Generally well inland from NW to E. With moderate W and SE generating some swell on this side, it is possible to anchor more sheltered on one side of the nearby Colonia de Sant Jordi.

The landscape is in the surroundings is very natural and little built. At the eastern edge of the beach stands Sant Jordi. A town traditionally inhabited by fishermen, which in recent years has become one of the most beautiful and popular places in Mallorca with several restaurants, clubs and beach clubs on the beach, such as the very famous S’Embat a Ses Covetes.

7. SA CALOBRA, MAJORCA 39°51.183’N 2°48.285’E

On the western side of the island of Majorca we find Sa Calobra, one of the most scenic anchorages in the whole Mediterranean. A deep canyon dug into the granite rock for over 4km that reaches the sea, creating a small beach, between the vertical walls of the cliff about 200m high and emerald water.

On land, don’t miss the excursion along the canyon that starts from the small beach. Leaving the tender here, you enter the bed of a stream with sheer walls, goats and a high mountain landscape. Through a tunnel dug into the rock with small windows overlooking the sea, it is possible to reach the beach next door with a bar and some restaurants.


8. POLLENSA, MAJORCA 39°25.048’N 3°15.488’E

The anchorage of Pollensa is perhaps not among the most spectacular but certainly among the safest on the whole island. Very well sheltered from all directions, even from the East. Shallow sand and mud bottoms with excellent holding once anchored.

An exceptional place to protect yourself from storm surges or strong winds which can be insistent in this region. A safe stop with the mountains of Cap de Formentor behind you and the beautiful water, despite the muddy seabed.

It is possible to go ashore leaving the tender inside the port and easily find supplies. With about 20min by bus it is possible to visit the village of Pollensa, a charming pueblo rural with a nice view of the gulf.


9. SOUTH SON SAURA, MENORCA  39°55.336’N 3°53.426’E

We have arrived at the northernmost of the Balearic Islands. In Minorca uone of the best anchorages is certainly Son Saura del Sud. Son Saura del Sud. A large, well protected bay from W to E. Unlike most of the smaller coves in Menorca, this large bay offers good anchorage with plenty of berths available.

Sandy and shallow waters and water with some of the best colors and shades in the whole Mediterranean. On land, the Mediterranean maquis reigns with its colors on which the white sand and the blue reflections of the water stand out. crystalline


10. CALA ALGAIARENS, MINORCA 40°02.583’N 3°55.095’E

We move to the north side of the island of Menorca to find Cala Algaiarens. One of the wildest and most pristine coves in the Balearics. Plenty of room on sandy bottoms with shallow to medium depths. The bay is well protected from E to W, in case of southerly winds it is the perfect stop to spend the day or spend a clear night.

On land nature is predominant, three small beaches surrounded by vegetation. At sunset, when the breeze begins to blow from the ground, a scent of Mediterranean scrub envelops the whole bay.

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