Itinerary for a weekend on a sailboat between the islands of Lipari and Vulcano

Starting in the morning from the port of Lipari for a beautiful sailing trip, during which we will discover one of the many characteristic beaches of the island. Depending on the weather we will choose the best site to stop.

The island of Lipari offers many opportunities for an anchor stop to relax and immerse ourselves in nature. One of our favorites is the beach of Pietra Liscia. It is located on the northeast side of the island and is characterized by the presence of pumice stone, which gives the water an incredible play of colors between blue and turquoise. On the opposite side of the island we find the beach of Valle Muria, where the sand mixed with black and red pebbles reveals the volcanic origin of the island in all its beauty.

After lunch we set sail again for the island of Vulcano. Here we find one of the most impressive anchorages in the Mediterranean. It is located in a bay right at the foot of the smoking volcano. You can go ashore for a very impressive hike to the crater or spend the afternoon in the characteristic mud baths on the eastern side. In the evening, the village of Vulcano offers a surprising variety of cafes and stalls. You can spend a few hours before returning on board and spending the night in port under the stars.

The next morning we set sail to discover the last leg of our magical weekend. We can sail to the beach of Cannitello, south of the island of Vulcano, or to the famous Faraglioni of Lipari. Here we will stop for lunch, without missing a last swim. After that we go on navigation to the port of Lipari in the afternoon.

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