The “little garden” on board, we took him at his word!

The giardinetto in boating is that part of the boat between the beam and the stern . This curious name comes from the area where, on the galleons, a small hanging garden was kept. The on-board kitchen garden made it possible to grow a few vegetables which preserved the sailors from the unpleasant consequences of Scurvy, a famous disease of long-term sailors, caused by a lack of vitamin C.

Green thumbs on board

Then our garden is well equipped to fight vitamin C deficiencies! A nice lemon tree seems to feel good, even after the first sailing trips and the first sketches taken during the last weekend on Elba Island.

To keep Limon Tree company a few herbs always useful in Mediterranean cuisine: sage and rosemary. Below deck however, more within reach of chefs, basil and parsley sprout, always frequently used in summer recipes.

Over time we have also experimented with the cultivation of cherry tomatoes, strawberries and chillies. These small vegetables are able to bear fruit even in small pots and despite the difficulties of the marine environment they give satisfaction.

Indoors, too, a decorative plant adds a comfortable atmosphere and we tried this with the Potos, a classic broadleaf evergreen houseplant that has proved to be an ideal variety for the boat. Indoors without direct sun it survives even weeks without water, thanks to the humidity in the air, and gives our seating area a much appreciated tropical look.

Do you recognize a live-aboard from the “little garden”?

It is clear that maintaining the plants requires that the boat is not only a means used for holidays. Although it is very common to bring a basil plant, taking care of it and seasoning it with some good sauce during the holiday, when you have the opportunity to living in a boat all year round you can equip yourself with a real floating garden.

Walking on the pontoons of marinas we began to recognize live-aboard boats like us, noticing the most disparate ways to block and protect vessels during navigation. Between planters in battagliola and fruit baskets to contain the vases under the spryhood if you look into the cockpits of sailboats you will find lots of ideas and maybe some company if you are planning to spend the winter in the same marina.


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