Traveling on a sailing boat can be one of the most environmentally friendly ways to get around, visit new places and enjoy summer holidays in harmony with nature. On board a sailboat we have the advantage of moving with the wind, without using fuel or other sources of energy. This is already a great start for green travel.

Unfortunately, it often happens, especially in charters, where crews are not always used to living the sea with respect and knowledge of the facts, that a potentially zero-impact holiday becomes potentially very polluting. For this reason, in the sailing holidays we organize, we try to give some advice and indications on how to live this experience to the fullest.


Water and electricity are limited on board of a sailboat. This does not mean that we must deprive ourselves of a shower or have dinner in the dark. We can have all the comforts we are used to by simply paying attention not to waste these resources when we do not need them.

Turn off a light when not needed, close the water while soaping your hands, are all small things that almost halve the consumption per person of these resources. This great teaching that comes to us from an environment with limited resources should also be brought home at the end of the holiday, in order to safeguard our planet even in everyday life.

Use of bio products

The soap we use for dishes, showers, toothpaste, all products that end up in the sink are dumped directly into the sea. It is therefore very important to use organic products.
You do not need to spend a lot of money on strange and refined products, use Marseille soap, do a first washing of the dishes with the cooking water of the pasta, where the starch released is a powerful degreaser. Little tricks that at the end of the day will not overwhelm your habits. The real difference is for the planet.

Limit the packages and separate waste collection on board

For reasons of space the first precautions we will have them at the supermarket, before getting on board. Managing waste on board makes us understand the magnitude of the problem on a global level. If you are not careful about what you buy we will find ourselves after just two days of vacation full of garbage bags.
So we avoid products with many packaging, choosing instead more bulk products that once consumed do not occupy more space. No disposable plates and glasses, that only to see them I lose my appetite thinking how much plastic is getting wasted. All that we can not avoid will be divided into differentiated bags between glass, plastics, paper. The wet is the only thing that is allowed to throw in the sea as not harmful and even tasty for sea creatures. Throwing some food leftovers into the sea makes it possible to dispose of some of the waste in a totally ecological way.


If you like the idea of ​​living a dream holiday and at the same time traveling with zero impact, perhaps learning a few tricks to take home in everyday life, take a look at our proposals for sailing holidays at Balearic. We will be happy to share this experience together, on a journey into the nature.

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