Yoga and meditation on board, a test of balance but a sea of ​​inspiration.

Is it possible to practice yoga on a sailboat? It seems so. Even if the bridge of a boat is not really the most stable place you can find to practice yoga, the inspiration given by this magical and relaxing environment will make you find your balance.

The sea, the horizon, the sound of water passing over the hull, the singing of seagulls, the rising of the sun on the blue water, the soft light of a starry sky. If you are used to imagine all this by closing your eyes (perhaps with an audio guide) to find the concentration and enter this environment, you should try this experience aboard a sailboat. Here all of this is real, and instead of closing your eyes and imagining it you just have to open your eyes and watch it!

Yoga classes on the Island of Capraia

Sail with us for a weekend on a sailboat in Capraia to experience this magical experience. In addition to Yoga on board you can take part in yoga sessions in amazing places, which will also make you in contact with nature and sea on the land.

On the island of Capraia there is the opportunity to participate in yoga classes on the magnificent cliff overlooking the harbor, with an instructor who will guide you in the session, and a view that alone is able to take you to samadhi .. Try for to believe!

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