Experiences, ideas and tips from the Mediterranean sailing blog for a trip on a sailboat

As a couple who live on board for 12 months of the year, on this blog we share our experiences and tips that may be useful to you for your travels or just for a holiday on board a sailing boat. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Tips for green holidays

Traveling on a sailing boat can be one of the most environmentally friendly ways to get around, visit new places and enjoy summer holidays in harmony with nature. On board a sailboat we have the [...]

A green quarter

The “little garden” on board, we took him at his word! The giardinetto in boating is that part of the boat between the beam and the stern . This curious name comes from the area [...]

The galley?!

Some tip to get out of the supermarket with a sailor’s shopping. A well-made galley makes the holiday more enjoyable. On board a sailboat, where the art of trickery often manifests itself, [...]