Some tip to get out of the supermarket with a sailor’s shopping.

A well-made galley makes the holiday more enjoyable. On board a sailboat, where the art of trickery often manifests itself, we can let us not miss anything, with some carefull for the spaces. When you leave for a weekend, shopping at the supermarket before leaving is quite easy. Setting sail for a week-long holiday, it’s important to keep in mind some tricks that make life on board more comfortable. A first general advice on all that you bring is to avoid cumbersome packaging. Some examples are bags instead of cardboard boxes, or beers in cans instead of glass (the can in addition to taking up little space to be crushed, it cools much earlier). Whether for space on board or not having to dispose of so much waste, limiting packaging is an advantage. Consider then that during the holiday we will make small shoppings during the descents on the ground. Here we can stock up on fresh fruit, vegetables, meat / fish etc. On board these foods can also be taken at the first shopping, but they will not be kept very long. Buying food on the spot will also be an opportunity to taste some good local product. We will find a beautiful culinary tradition, like the good Aleatico of the Island of Elba, a bottarga produced on the Island of Giglio by local fishermen, or a delicious French cheese just landed on the island of Corsica


The important thing is to start with a good base of long-life foods. A nice load of foods that last (and weigh) like pasta, rice, beans, water, etc. The refrigerator on board is always fresh but not polar cold, so the most delicate foods last less than at home. Buying meat to eat for several days, for example, is impossible. Buying it fresh on the spot is often also enjoyable. For the fish then .. maybe we fish it too! To avoid ending up as in the picture (sent nicely from a guest of the last holiday around Balearic Islands), I usually recommend this mini-list to those who board a boat holiday sailing for a week. Just to give an idea, especially to those who have never boarded a sailboat, and enters for the first time in a sailor’s supermarket.

Sailor’s shopping list

– a part of the shopping will consist of canned foods such as tuna, beans, canned tomato sauce, some ready-made pasta sauce or a cold rice dressing machine etc.
– a good supply of pasta and rice for pasta dishes
– salty snacks (excellent in navigation to prevent stomach turning), such as crakers, snacks, cheeses, better if is cured chees, ham better not packaged but to be sliced ​​because they last longer)
– a bit of vegetables, however, the fridge is not very low temperature but is always on. So some vegetables to cook like zucchini, leeks, etc., and something to eat raw like tomatoes, salad (better not in the envelope that takes up so much space, like iceberg is well preserved and takes up very little place is very suitable)
– so much water, for this the more you take better it is .. it is good to have on board a good stock before leaving to avoid transhipments in tenders with the boxes that weigh.
– coffee, salt, garlic, onion etc. you will find them on board, but staying without coffee is always a pity..
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