Tips For Avoiding Sunburn During Sailing Holiday

Imagine we’ve left the port starting to relaxing sailing holiday, a cooling breeze fills our sails under the afternoon sun with the sounds of small waves. Everything is so dreamy but we may have a little problem if we don’t take care of the sun exposure. Here are some sun-safe practices for avoiding sunburn during your sailing holiday.


Wearing sunscreen while you are boating is a must for avoiding sunburn during your sailing holiday. This one is obvious, but here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Anyone who is spending time around water needs to purchase sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.
  • You need to apply it liberally and often. It’s not a one-time event. Keep in mind it isn’t actively protecting until up to 30 minutes after application.
  • Be ecological. Humans release a lot of chemical toxic UV filters in the oceans, lakes, other natural environments. Marine animals accumulate these chemicals in their bodies. As a result of this, we eat the fish and accumulate the same toxic chemicals inside our bodies. In the meantime, recent research is finding that the components in your average sunscreens are harming our ocean’s reefs. Make sure you’re using an eco product. Here is a list of sun products that are respectful of human health and marine life.

crema solare Suntribe


A sailing holiday without sunglasses is unimaginable. As well as your skin, you need to protect your eyes too. When you’re on a boat, the sun is not only beaming right on your face, but it’s reflecting off the water so to avoid sunburn do not forget to bring your sunglasses onboard.


A small piece of cloth can be more useful than this? It will be the most used one to avoid sunburn on your sailing holiday.  I prefer to use baseball hats onboard. After losing a couple of hats because of the wind I found the solution on decathlon. The hat is attached to you with a short elastic so even it flies away from your head it remains attached to your t-shirt. Here is the link of the hat.

Light shirts

I can hear you saying that should we wear t-shirts also our sailing holiday? Of course is not a must but wearing light T-shirts is another effective way to prevent direct sun exposure. Bring with you light shirts or t-shirts! Even one will be enough.

Stay in the Shade

Before the sun starts to disturb it’s better to find a shade that can protect you. Staying in the shade is the best way for avoiding sunburn. Dogaressa is quite rich about that. Since we liveaboard, we built tents everywhere we can. So you can easily find a shade in the times that you want to stay away from the sun.


Drink enough water during the day. Staying hydrated can significantly lessen your symptoms and promote healing.

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